Saturday, March 20, 2010


After much thought and talk, I've finally decided to go digital. Completely digital. Here's why:

a) I am so sick of the toxic fumes and sticking my fingers in lead paint.
b) I cannot afford a large format scanner and even when I do scan, all the dark areas becomes shiny and unreasonable. Also, taking pictures of my art takes the detail away.
c) Some of my favorite illustrators are digital. For example: Sam Weber, Zina Saunders, Brian Despain, etc. After listening to an "Escape to Illustration Island" podcast interview with Sam Weber, I was convinced that digital is a good way to work
d) It just looks better in print.

When I announced that I was going digital to my classmates, most of them were quite appalled and thought I should continue to do my oil paintings. Ridiculous. It seems that my school is a bit behind on the times and the digital world. I'm ready to leave this bird's nest...

Anyways, the picture posted is a layout and illustration I designed for a children's alphabet book. Sally saw snails slowly soaring from the sky in spring. Also, this is my first completely DIGITAL painting! I'm very excited for my new medium.

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