Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Business Cards

These were the business cards I designed. They actually came about a month ago but I love them so much that I wanted to post them before too much time had gone by. I bought a thousand from www.premiumcards.net. A couple people have suggested other companies to me but I used the site because they produce cards of different unusual sizes and formats. They also do postcards which I might considering ordering in time. I have been leaving these everywhere I go, coffee shops, bookstores, galleries, everywhere in Philly and NY. The one criticism that people had about the size was that it didn't fit properly in their wallets, but it did fit. I like to think of them as mini flyer/promotional pieces that double as a business card. The painting was originally done a couple months ago for a book cover about a femme fatale who steals men's eyes. The playing card idea came to me in a dream. Those are the best dreams.

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