Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Chapter

I'm afraid this post might be a bit of photo dump. I however love a good blog post jam packed with pictures.

To give you all an update on what I've been up to: I now live in Astoria, Queens NY. It is a beautiful neighborhood with lots of good Greek food and live music in the parks. I think I could stay here for a while. I've been working at DaVinci Artist Supply in Chelsea. I thoroughly enjoy helping students figure out what it is that they need and meeting fellow artists. It sure is inspiring.

I did an illustration for a "get well soon" greeting card recently. It was fun but I'm afraid I won't be sharing. What I will share is some of the many sketches I've been doing of these silly faces. There are certain things that each artist doodles in their spare time, and mine has been silly faces lately. I watched a video demo on how to exaggerate faces and it has definitely influenced me.

When I was thirteen I took a landscape painting class at my local arts center. It was the first real art course I had ever taken, plus everyone was over three times my age. We sat around the center and did oil paintings of the corn fields surrounding the area. Sadly I was so full of painting uninteresting fields that I despised doing them for the next ten years. I now find myself back to landscapes and find them very relaxing for viewing and painting. They can be interesting sometimes right? Here's one of my new ones:

In other news, I sent out my first official set of promotions to some of my favorite designers! If you received one and made it my site, thank you very much for taking the time to visit. I plan on sending a set of postcards by the end of the month so keep your mailboxes warm for me.

On Friday I went to a much anticipated show at the Society of Illustrators. Yuko Shimizu, Sam Weber, and Tomer Hanuka are three of my favorites and this show was everything I had hoped for and more. I took a lot of pictures (for personal interest) of the preliminary work that was set up downstairs but decided it would be unfair to post another artist's work. However, here is the crowd of wonderful illustrators. I met a lot of great people.

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