Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Yorker and Punk Blues

Well the school year is winding down and tomorrow is my last class before the essays and portfolio reviews. It feels good to have come this far. I'm ready to get out into the business world and make my mark.

There's about 5 pieces I've been juggling to get finished. Otherwise, about a month ago Tony Auth (a wonderful political cartoonist) came in to teach a workshop on editorial illustration. He assigned for us to make a new yorker cover. I was thinking a lot about commuters and my own daily commute. When you watch crowds submerging in opposite directions they resemble schools of fish, never touching or colliding, always fitting themselves into the wave amongst themselves. So I took a well known new york train station (grand central station) and turned the people into fish, going about their daily commute. Voila! Its a new yorker cover. The image to the left is the version without the binding or the type due to copyright infringement.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Originally the fish were rendered and detailed but it became too busy and hard to read. Transforming them into silhouettes fixed the problem.

The next image is a zine cover I did as a creative project for my blues class. It was hard to decide what symbol to use for "punk" so I decided to go with a simple safety pin to let people decide for themselves what punk is, because I couldn't tell you. Robert Johnson is an obvious choice for a symbol of the blues. This is basically a zine that is going to house my final essay for the class. Art school really is a blast, I am going to miss it.
Both images are blue and brown completely by accident.


  1. THESE ARE AWESOME! The punk blues one looks like a real thing, when I first glanced I thought you just posted something that inspired you.

  2. I liked the New york times cover! :)